Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

ECTA Membership and Data

An ECTA Membership will hold and process personal data in the context of ECTA membership for the following purposes:

  • Managing your company’s ECTA membership
  • Managing access to our website and member services
  • Giving ECTA members’ access to each other’s basic contact data
  •  Sending you information we believe may be of interest to you based on your company profile or the interests you have communicated to us
  •  Seeking information about you, your company and your views on what priorities and services you would like us to provide
  • The lawful basis for processing your data is within the legitimate interests of ECTA and in line with our non-profit mission “to improve the standards of efficiency, safety, and security as well as the environmental and social impacts of the transport and logistics of chemical goods in Europe”

Project implementation ECTA will hold and process data of representatives of members of ECTA and of persons involved in other projects in order to achieve the shared objectives of the projects and the ECTA mission. ECTA will also hold and process data of persons who apply to take part in ECTA activities such as the Responsible Care workshop, the ECTA Annual Meeting, working groups & issue teams, networks of experts and/or any other ECTA supported projects. In all cases, we believe that there is a contractual basis for processing such personal data.

public view

Data of you will be published on our website for different reasons and with different impact:

a) Membership

If a company is an ECTA member, it is published on our website and viewable for all users. Data that is published is Company’s name, website and Responsible Care Membership. The aims of this publishing are transparency, as well as networking.

b) Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Committees/Working Groups/Team

If a person is part of one of this groups, its name, company, country, picture and role within ECTA is published on this website and viewable for all users.

The aims of this publishing are transparency, as well as networking.


All media on this website are copyrighted and are neither allowed to be downloaded, copied nor shared.


If a person registers to an ECTA event, all given data while the registration is stored within our database. Other Data than the name and company will not be forwarded to third parties. Names and Company will only be forwarded to Event location for managing the Event package like table reservation. For physical Events the name and company will be printed in order to give the person access to network.

Stored email addresses will be used to contact the registrant before, while and after the Event. Stored invoice details will be stored in order to manage the invoicing process properly. This data is forwarded to our accountant for managing the invoicing process.

For online Events, the stored email address will be used to send out the Link for the meeting.

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